Outdoor Workshops

The ‘DLO connections’ workshops are designed to ignite curiosity, awe and wonder in both children and adults demonstrating first-hand the benefits of developing learning, playing and being outdoors in a family, community or school context.

Please contact us so that we can help you to develop your own unique way of learning outdoors. The workshops below will help you get a flavour of some elements of our work.

Develop Learning Outdoors Connections Workshops

Our workshops offer broad, engaging opportunities for all to enjoy a variety of exciting elements of outdoor learning and connection to nature whilst at the same time giving both the children and adults great skills and build-upon knowledge to create their own toolkit to sustain and develop learning outdoors beyond the workshops

Nature Connections workshops

Offer bespoke opportunities for nature and science-based activities, planned through mini-adventures with e.g. water, air, soil, energy, plants, animals & insects etc. helping everyone develop environmental stewardship of the world through observation, problem-solving and actions.

Natural Art Connections workshops

Offer bespoke opportunities for learning outdoors through engagement with the natural world and its resources to develop creativity, expression and inspiration from the environment. Natural pictures, sculpture, tinkering, using loose parts and various other activities provide everyone with chances to develop their creativity and learning together.

Story Connections workshops

Offer bespoke opportunities for learning outdoors through engagement with lots of great stories.
Speaking, listening and imagination are all developed by exciting outdoor activities including story-telling, small world, story sacks and story boxes, trails, dens and environmental art. Giving lots of ideas to develop beyond the workshops.

Healthy Connections workshops

Offer bespoke opportunities for well-being, physical literacy and movement activities, planned through mini-adventures outdoors and allowing space to enjoy and interact with the outdoor world in a sensory and beneficial way with observational, year-round ideas for everyone.

Mathematical Connections workshops

Offer bespoke opportunities for learning outdoors through engagement with the environment and loose parts resources to develop problem-solving, creative thinking knowledge and skills related to practical applications of number, shape and space. Encouraging parents to see the variety of opportunities available outdoors.

Why Develop Learning Outdoors?


I can thoroughly recommend Gill to you. I have known Gill for over 10 years both professionally and as a close friend. Gill is friendly and approachable to all. She is committed to helping children and adults alike reach their potential through meaningful and fun activities.

Sarah Williams


Gill has a hands-on, creative approach to learning. Gill led our team, empowering all members and creating an environment where my colleagues and I flourished. She led our staff development, equipping staff with ideas, resources and plans. She empowered us to develop the outdoor learning curriculum using a range of natural materials and the local environment.



Gillian is enthusiastic with a natural affinity for people. She draws on a wealth of ideas and experiences from working and training in primary and early years education.

Nursery Staff

We were encouraged to discuss first hand experiences and go in-depth with specific areas of inclusion.

ITT Students



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