Develop Learning Outdoors through inspiration, information and interaction

Bespoke facilitation, training & consultancy through interconnection with nature and the outdoor world.

Much has been highlighted about the high-tech and sedentary world of many children and adults today and the significant impact this is having on all aspects of their life. At Develop Learning Outdoors we are one of a growing number of advocates set to promote the value of the outdoors for children and adults. We aim to redress the balance through our work which seeks to ensure children’s entitlement to high quality and meaningful experiences when playing, being and learning outdoors.

What we do

For Schools

We will work with you to build a bespoke and useful toolkit to develop learning outdoors at your school or early years setting, whilst remaining cost effective & evidence based.

For Families

We offer bespoke family workshops to develop your outdoor knowledge and skills in an informed way using the fantastic and free outdoor learning environments close to you.

For Communities

We offer bespoke group workshops to enhance and develop your knowledge and skills in an informed way, championing the fantastic and cost-effective outdoor environment.

Outdoor Workshops

Our workshops offer opportunities for all to enjoy a variety of exciting elements of outdoor learning and connection to nature whilst developing great skills and build-upon knowledge.

About us

Gillian Wilson – Founder

We offer bespoke facilitation, training and consultancy to help you develop learning, playing and being outdoors. Bringing practical and theoretical elements together, we provide inspiring, informative and interactive support to all types of schools, families and communities.

We support the development of both social and emotional health, encouraging self-regulating behaviour and creating space for the development of self-esteem and a wide variety of positive relationships.

Above all we develop high quality workshops and courses to offer meaningful understanding of exciting and creative learning through nature and the outdoors.


I can thoroughly recommend Gill to you. I have known Gill for over 10 years both professionally and as a close friend. Gill is friendly and approachable to all. She is committed to helping children and adults alike reach their potential through meaningful and fun activities.

Sarah Williams


Gill has a hands-on, creative approach to learning. Gill led our team, empowering all members and creating an environment where my colleagues and I flourished. She led our staff development, equipping staff with ideas, resources and plans. She empowered us to develop the outdoor learning curriculum using a range of natural materials and the local environment.



Gillian is enthusiastic with a natural affinity for people. She draws on a wealth of ideas and experiences from working and training in primary and early years education.

Nursery Staff

We were encouraged to discuss first hand experiences and go in-depth with specific areas of inclusion.

ITT Students



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